What Makes Us Different

The quest for healthy, glowing and radiant complexion was the prime motivator for the brand’s founder, celebrity socialite Jamie Chua, in her unrelenting pursuit of developing the “perfect” range of skin care products. Jamie Chua, who’s synonymous with fashion and timeless beauty, personally tested hundreds of different skin care products comprising high-end and mass market products to discover she was destined to develop a range of skincare solutions that were not only unique, but also highly effective in offering a practical solution to maintaining the glow and radiance of women’s skin, regardless of their individual skin types.

Jamie Chua herself advocates the superior quality and effectiveness of these fast-acting, infinitely luxurious products. Jamie is therefore excited to be sharing her most treasured beauty secrets with you through her highly developed, expert skincare range. Tried, tested and endorsed by Jamie, she is the perfect embodiment of healthy glowing complexion that every modern woman strives for.